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Percussion Set

The Story of Jerry Lee's Music Store

Factory Authorized Peavey Dealer and a Distinctive Breedlove Dealer

With a wide range of offerings ranging from electric and acoustic guitar and bass instruments, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles and a variety of amplification equipment, drums and drum accessories, Peavey Amplifiers, music lessons conducted by seasoned professionals, Professional Grade PA gear, and the most comfortable on-site professional recording studio in the area, Jerry Lee’s Music Store and Artisan Emporium is dedicated to being your one stop when it comes to all of your music needs.

I maintain the strictest standards in the products I sell from the least expensive starter guitar to the most expensive concert performance instrument; if I wouldn’t want my child or loved one to learn on it, I won’t sell it!!

I feel the same about the other equipment we sell and we strive to provide the best products for the best price!

I pride myself in our customer service and believe in the difference it makes and so will you!!!

While I promise to provide you with the best online service possible, for the fullest experience come and visit our store if you live nearby, sample the finest instruments and services first hand and in our comfortably laid back Southern way! It’s the flavor and the beauty of coastal Georgia and the surrounding area!

See you soon…Jerry Lee

All new products sold come with a full manufacturers warranty and we will help in any way we can, should it be necessary to use any of them.

An important message from Jerry Lee:
Jerry Lee’s Music Store and Artisans Emporium is a Factory Authorized Peavey Dealer and a Distinctive Breedlove dealer.

When you buy from us, you can rest assured that you’re buying new products (unless otherwise disclosed) that are priced exactly as Peavey and Breedlove intend and require from its recognized dealers, with full factory warranty included.

You may well find differing prices in an online search of other retailers or of online auction sites, but any seller that does not carry the badge of honor that comes with being a Factory Authorized Dealer cannot offer you any form of warranty on your purchased equipment.

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